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7 Reasons Future Apartments Still Disappoint

Size is yet again compromised in the apartments soon to be developed in Melbourne, but not just in terms of their total floor area. Here are 7 primary observations about the upcoming supply of apartments in Melbourne over the next 12 to 18 months.

1. Balconies remain small

Whilst most apartments will have a balcony, many will have one that is too small (less than 8m2 for a single bedroom and 10m2 for a two bedroom apartment).

2. Snorkel bedrooms are common

This L shaped layout is an ineffective way to provide light access to a second bedroom in two bedroom apartments. The snorkel is often too narrow to be habitable and the natural light often does not reach the actual room. These are still a popular option despite the waste of space.Blog-1 

3. Light wells are too small

If big enough, light wells allow more light into dwellings. Most are still designed too small (less than the suggested minimum area of 9m2 with a minimum dimension of 3m for buildings up to 13.5m).Blog-2

4. Noise sources such as lifts are placed next to bedrooms

This isn’t good news for light sleepers. Even if you get used to the noise, studies show that it can still have long term health implications.Blog-3

5. Storage cages are too small

Common sizes are 3 and 4 cubic metres, despite design standards suggesting a minimum of 6 cubic metres of additional storage space for 1 bedroom apartments. Some still lack any extra storage at all.

6. A single bedroom apartment may have an equal amount of space as a 2 bedroom apartment

Within the same building, a 1 bedroom unit and a 2 bedroom unit may both measure 70m2 in total floor area. In this instance, a 1 bedroom unit will be more spacious.Blog-4

7. 3 bedroom apartments are still uncommon

3 bedroom units will remain a luxury and are usually located around the corners or on the upper levels of buildings.

These observations are a general reflection of the majority of upcoming apartments. There are some developments that have shown commitment to providing quality apartments. Secret Agent hopes that in the future this situation is reversed, and shoebox apartments become nothing more than an urban myth.

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