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Better Apartments: Room Dimensions

As part of the Victorian Government’s Better Apartments Design Standards, three new rules were introduced for minimum room dimensions. These determine the minimum width and depth of main bedrooms, additional bedrooms as well as minimum size and dimension of living areas. For more detail, refer to our latest report. We sampled 3000 apartments built over the past 6 years in inner Melbourne.

Our research finds that if the new standards were already in place when the apartments were developed, only 7.7% (231 apartments) would have passed the minimum requirements for all three room dimension standards.

Tables 1 and 2 summarise pass rates by comparing the number of factors for each number of bedrooms.

Two bedrooms have by far the lowest pass rates for meeting at least 1 or 2 room dimension factors. However, about 10% of two bedroom apartments in the sample manage to pass regulations on all three factors (main bedroom size, smallest bedroom size and living area).

Both three and one bedroom apartments have only between 3%-4% of apartments passing all three standards.

Whilst two bedroom apartments had the lowest pass rates for nearly all factors, the data shows that good quality apartments do exist.

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