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Category Archives For: Innovation

San Francisco

Just landed in San Francisco were I'm attending a pretty amazing conference.

This 'connect' conference is about where Real Estate will most likely be in 5 years. Have already met some amazing people!

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Now for something a little different

The home site in the famous film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is to be sold! This unique property designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid, both notable architects of the 20th century is an amazing architectural treasure and I’m sure an exciting home to live in!

Walk score

Know what a property's walk score is? This website gives you a rating out of 100 in relation to the walkable amenities to an address. Useful Site: Walk Score

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Moving contracts into today’s reality

It always strikes me that many contracts still can't be totally accepted through electronic signing methods such as scanning.

So much time is consumed by running contracts/ cheques around Melbourne.

I really hope we can start to develop electronic methods of finalizing documentation when buying property.

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Property application for iPhone

For iPhone users who are seeking property, you may be interested in a new application called OzEstate.

OzEstate captures all the property information and delivers it into your iPhone with ease and speed and can be downloaded from iTunes.

As buyers have moved from Newspapers to Computers, buyers are now integrating both computers and mobile technology to locate property.

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Improving the energy efficiency of our homes

The REIV has posted an article on improving the energy efficiency of our homes. A worth while read for everybody.

Interesting to note is the possibly of a section 32 for a property ‘for sale’  containing environmental ratings down the track. What a terrific idea moving forward.

‘Web 2.0′ Agents

Late last week I had a fascinating conversation over the phone with an agent from Vancouver Canada.

This guy is literally changing the way Real Estate is done with a very focused 'Web 2.0' business model.

Ian sells real estate using no print media whatsoever, 100% online.

The vancouver market is incredibly tight at the moment. Many vendors are looking for alternative ways of marketing, with a campaign targeted 100% for the web, Ian is doing very well and finding a strong niche in the market place.

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