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Category Archives For: Random Thoughts

In the mail

I received a Chinese Weekly Property guide, in the mail this morning. It's amazing the level of interest in Australian real estate from the Chinese market.

Yet, don't expect this to slow down. My thoughts are that we are going to experience an incredible surge of buyers from the Asia region like we've never witnessed before.

Publications such as this are the early signs of this strength.

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The value of great tradespeople

It's crucial to have an agent (or yourself) that has the right tradespeople to best
look after your property, especially if your property is being rented out.

I see all sorts of things which are not completed properly. This often
causes over spending and headaches for landlords, as well as upsetting tenants.

In selecting your property management team, you should identify if they've got the
right people assisting them!

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Not enough detail


I think this makes the process of looking very tough. As you can see, not much information is displayed.

It's like: give us your details, and we'll give you the address. We've moved past this I feel, transparency is
required to succeed.

For extreme circumstances I understand marketing with little detail. But when it's used as a marketing method,
I really don't feel it helps anybody.

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Energy Efficient Homes

Although most green house gas emissions are produced by industry, domestic emissions are still significant, where the average house hold produces about 14 tonnes of green house gas a year.

The Council of Australian Governments has agreed to develop a national strategy for energy efficiency to help households prepare for the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

As a part of this strategy, starting next year all new homes and buildings will be constructed according to rigorous energy efficient standards and people seeking to buy or lease properties with be provided with information about the energy efficiency of the building. This approach also aims to raise awareness of more sufficient energy use in existing buildings.

The government’s policy is not yet finalized, however it seems the responsibility of obtaining and providing information on energy efficiency will rest with the property owner, and mandatory disclosure of information will need to be supplied when a property is listed for lease or sale.


It's something I've discovered more and more with what I do.

Many people are either helped in the purchase of Real Estate or in the Sale of their property. However, many people don't seem to get the whole package when it comes to a transition from one property to the next.

Many people will need to sell an asset in order to buy. In these circumstances, many people are left without good advice.

A typical estate agent will help a vendor sell however will not often be in the position of helping their client also find the right property to buy.

It's something I'm working more and more on and the feedback from clients is that this is were they need assistance. They want someone who can overlook the entire buying/ selling experience.

Rather than being a salesperson, I feel out industry can do a lot better if we become coaches in the process to out clients.

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