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Government not happy

The Government this morning has conveyed its disappointment with the Commonwealth's bank decision to raise interest rates more than the increase set by the reserve bank of Australia and has warned other lenders looking at doing the same thing.

They have also indicated they are looking at increasing the competition in the home loan market by allowing people to change lenders throughout a loan period more easily and forcing the lenders to charge lower fees for doing so.

This would be a great move and one which should be applauded, the new government is under great pressure from the public about this issue as it was of course such a hot issue in the recent election.


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Why won’t they contact me?

Often in hot property markets it can be frustrating getting in contact with a real estate agent s about a desired property. The reason is simple, when the property market is hot, properties sell themselves.

The main focus of a real estate agent can often be getting the next listing for sale, that’s why often people who are selling a property can expect a call almost everyday while a buyer can leave many messages without ever getting a follow up call back!

Good real estate agents will always follow up with purchasers as they should however it is easy to get complacent in these strong times. If the market does turn then who knows we may see the Real Estate bore in action!

Lifestyles of the rich and famous!

Welcome to Richard Branson’s island where for a cool $60,000US a night you can indulge yourself in the luxuries that would be expected to please Sir Richard…

If only we could all have a property on an island like this!
Guests to have stayed here include the Rolling Stones & the Beatles as well as the owners of Google having their wedding on the island.