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Article in The Age


Here's an article that was in yesterday's age.

I really appreciate the mention considering it's a newspaper and my ideas and their's a
slightly different!

To The Age: Osborne not Osbourne! But thanks!

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Have a great Easter!

easteregg2It will be a quiet weekend on the property front. No real indicators will be had from the weekend as to the markets response from the most recent interest rate reduction.

I hope everyone has a tremendous Easter and hopefully some time off!

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The Victorian bush fire appeal

redCross_logoWe are experiencing one of the most devastating events in Australian history. The Victorian bush fires are of catastrophic proportions that are touching every person across this nation.

As a Victorian based business we'd like to offer all the support possible. A cash donation of $5,000 has been made by Secret Agent to the Red Cross and we'd encourage you to also donate any available funds to help our community get back on its feet.

Online donations can be made by clicking here: Red Cross Victorian bush fire appeal.

Be generous, thanks for reading

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72 Hour Open House

openhouseMost parts of the world at the moment are having a hard time in their real estate markets.

In these times new measures are required, and many real estate agents are doing just that.

In Vancouver, an agent by the name of Kye Grace is conducting a 72 hour open for inspection. That's right: 72 Hours! Kye himself will personally attend the whole open and will bring a sleeping bag, a pillow and three days worth of food!

A very extreme measure for harder times in Vancouver Canada. The whole event will be streamed live to the web. Check out the 72 Hour Open House

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Welcome back and welcome to 2009!

We hope you've enjoyed your holiday period (hopefully you've had some!), get ready for an interesting year and one of opportunity.

The economy hasn't been this weak for some time and we see 2009 as a year in which many will look back on as a great year to purchase Real Estate.

We should see a rather strong 1st homebuyer market with property priced below $500,000 still selling well in inner city areas. The family home market should be really tough for sellers, a great chance for a homebuyer to purchase their dream home especially those priced North of $1 Million.

Never before in history, has as much money being sitting in Australian banks as there is at present.

With interest rates expected to fall further we should see a number of investors take conservative property investments. Rents are still strong; in fact we are close to seeing properties being positively geared for the 1st time in a long time.

Here we go to 2009!

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Christmas Time

Another spectacular year comes to an end. This will be the last blog entry until the start of next year.

I wish to take this opportunity on behalf of Secret Agent to thank all our past and present clients for their support over 2008. We look forward to working together again very shortly!

Next year should be a big year. We’re looking forward to expanding in 2009 as property buying hasn’t been this good for a long time, and is set to continue into the start of next year.

We should be about however over the next week should you have a property inquiry. Just shoot us an email if you need any assistance at all.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Cup weekend

Not many auctions in Melbourne tomorrow due to Melbourne cup. Coastal towns will be busy however and it’ll be interesting to see how the holiday home market performs with a number of auctions happening over the weekend.

On Tuesday the reserve bank will met again to make a decision on interest rates. It is widely expected that rates will drop; this once again will prove interesting to see how the property market responds.

Have a great cup weekend!

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