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The Cubic Metre Rate

The square metre rate of a property is a very important factor – it allows a further indication of value.  This month, The Secret Agent Report investigates the volume of space – The Cubic Metre Rate – to see if there are any trends or correlations with regard to pricing.

Positive points can be given to both high and low ceilings. High ceilings allow for better air circulation and a feeling of grandeur, whilst low ceilings can make a room feel more intimate and allow for better acoustics and cheaper utility bills in some cases.

We also take a look at Inner Melbourne’s Commercial market, presenting some recent sales of interest.

Please click here to read the report, and also view the past six months of sales data for Inner Melbourne’s houses, townhouses and apartments.

In next months edition of The Secret Agent Report, we discuss the feeling you get when you know a property is just right! After a year of covering many different specific topics (such as Coffee, Vegetation, Walkability, Housing Styles and Parklands) and analysing data for countless hours, we decided to discuss the ‘je ne sais quoi’* of property.

*French: ‘I don’t know what.’ Be sure to read next months report…

The Secret Agent Report November 2013 - Volume


The Secret Agent Report – Planning

The planning process has an impact on every construction idea, and it is important understand any changes to the zones and rules. Further to our Planning Bulletin last week, we chat to Glossop Town Planning to go a little deeper into what the new changes mean to Inner Melbourne real estate, deciphering the new zones; General Residential, Residential Growth and Neighbourhood Residential. Since 1997, Glossop has specialised in residential and commercial development projects, including medium and high rise housing projects.

Paul also gives an overview of the market in general in the lead up to the festive season, with his view of the media’s ‘Boom or Bust’ and ‘Bubble’ attitudes.

Next month we take a closer look at the commercial side of things, so please stay tuned.

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The Secret Agent Report October 2013


The Value of Vegetation – The Secret Agent Report

Location, style and condition. These are often the first things prospective buyers consider when purchasing a house. In a competitive market it is the less obvious features that may be even more important to take notice of.

This report takes an in depth look into how median strips, front gardens and vegetation affect property prices based on 2100 housing sales in 2012.

Click here or below to download your copy of the report.

The Secret Agent Report July 2013