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Democratic Cities

SOLid Panel
Last week Julian was invited to speak at a panel discussion run by the SOL:id team at RMIT. The evening was led by Michael Trudgeon of Crowd Productions.

Also on the diverse panel;
Eduardo Velasquez + Angelica Rojas (Flinders Street Station people’s choice winner (Architecture)
Scott Mitchell – Open Object (Industrial Designer)
Eli Giannini – MGS Architects (Architecture/Planning)
Michel Hogan – Brand Analyst (Branding)
Tim Longhurst – Key Message (Futurist)

The panel was asked to unpack the following;

How are our city spaces designed and planned? what is the role of the individual in the urbanisation process?  how do grassroots movements impact upon our cities and the cities of the future? what are the implications of open information exchange and open source design?  is everyone a designer? how can design professions adapt in this context?

The wide range of viewpoints both on the panel and in the audience contributed to a robust discussion on the role of the designer in the future of our cities.
It was put forward that perhaps cities succeed and thrive organically – and quite often our best design efforts are where we don’t design a built outcome.

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