Best Performing House Styles

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    The Secret Agent Report - Best Performing House Styles

    June 2013

    Best Performing House Styles

    After our research into Inner Melbourne’s different Building styles (in April and May 2013), the logical step was to find out how they affect property pricing!

    BEST PERFORMING HOUSE STYLES – Melbourne’s first styles based price guide.

    Welcome to Melbourne’s most comprehensive guide to housing styles and their corresponding pricing. Consumers are bombarded with median and average sales prices for individual suburbs, however most reports rarely drill down to specifics.

    For example, what is a single fronted Victorian property worth in the suburb of Fitzroy. What is the Median sales price of a contemporary home in South Yarra?  We wanted to solve a specific problem which is how can we determine end value of a property depending on its housing style and level of improvements.

    This painstaking research has been carried out using the entire 2012 housing data for the 32 suburbs we track within 6km of Melbourne’s CBD.  Each sale has been scrutinised, it’s layout examined, it’s style classified and its construction taken into account (weatherboard, solid brick, brick veneer…).

    Using as many hosting data collection services we could find, good old Google Street View and making old fashioned phone calls, here is Melbourne’s best guide thus far to some of the most specific data ever compiled on the Melbourne market in one year.

    We would like to thank  the extra collaborators who’ve helped shape this report.

    The report contains some great visuals that are best viewed as a PDF.

    Please click here to view the Report.