Parkland Views

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    The Secret Agent Report - Parkland Views

    March 2013

    Parkland Views

    A common assumption is that property facing parkland will obtain a higher sales price as opposed to property with all other types of outlook. In this research we establish the premium paid for a parkland facing property, whilst also delving deeper, studying the how proximity to parks plays a part also. Case studies on Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North, and St Vincent Place in Albert Park help shape our findings.

    Such information is invaluable to consumers. It might help suggest the best part of a parkland street for a purchaser to buy in or an opportune time to buy or sell a parkland property. The desire for a view of a pleasant natural setting is deeply rooted in human biology.

    Due to the large number of tables in this report, it is best viewed as a PDF. Please click the cover to the left to download!