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The Secret Agent Report - Upzoning

November 2019


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In this report, Secret Agent will take a deeper look into upzoning and how it has been impacting property markets in various cities of the world. We will consider research by geographer Michael Storper in order to discuss the case for and against upzoning.

The Secret Agent Report - Shrinking Cities

October 2019

Shrinking Cities

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In this report, Secret Agent will discuss the potential impact of de-urbanisation and shrinking cities.

The Secret Agent Report - Downsizing

September 2019


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In this report, Secret Agent will give you some insight into the downsizing experience so you can get a better idea whether it’s the right move for you, and how to best prepare for it.

The Secret Agent Report - Gentrification

August 2019


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The world’s major cities and their surrounding suburbs are transforming.

Urban culture has taken over and the demographics of people living there have changed dramatically. Much of this is due to urbanisation and the associated gentrification of these areas.

In this report, Secret Agent is going to take a deeper look at gentrification and the way it affects urban neighbourhoods.

The Secret Agent Report - Natural Light

July 2019

Natural Light

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Many apartments and houses built in the past decade have reduced the amount of natural light available to occupants. It may seem that this can be fixed with artificial lighting, however, not all light is created equally. Human biology desires natural light, and artificial means do not compare when it comes to the influence light has on us.

Natural light is superior for human health and wellbeing, as will be discussed in this issue of The Secret Agent Report.