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The Secret Agent Report - The Driverless World

May 2019

The Driverless World

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Whether we like the idea of them or not, autonomous vehicles are an inevitable part of our future, and are likely to impact all of us in some way. This month, Secret Agent will look at the impacts that driverless vehicles may have on property prices and the structure of a modern city.

The Secret Agent Report - Walkability and Greenery

April 2019

Walkability and Greenery

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Secret Agent this month looks at the characteristics of greenery and walkability on property prices. We also look at the defensive capabilities for property owners and investors when it comes to property downturns by exploring the US housing market after the great recession of 2008.

The Secret Agent Report - Healthy Occupants

March 2019

Healthy Occupants

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In this report, Secret Agent will summarise some of the common issues within buildings that influence the health of its occupants.

The Secret Agent Report - Digital Cities

February 2019

Digital Cities

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In this report, Secret Agent offers an outline of the digitisation of cities, and what the implications of this might be for the future. We primarily draw on a 2014 paper by Chirag Rabari and Michael Storper, but also bring in research from elsewhere.

The Secret Agent Report - A Turning Point Year - Reflections on 2018

January 2019

A Turning Point Year - Reflections on 2018

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In this report, Secret Agent will analyse some indicators and metrics which affected the property market in 2018, and discuss how they are likely to affect prices further into 2019.