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Are we Buyer Advocates, Property Finders, Buyer Agents or Property Brokers?

We are still searching for definition in the market place as to what we do.  I like to look at our stats and how people come across our business.

Here are the following ways people have searched to find our business by service name :

Buyer Advocate, Buyers Advocate, Buyers Advocate, Buyer Advocates, Buyers Advocates, Buyers Advocates, Property Finders, Property Finder, Home Finder, HomeFinder, Home Finders, House Finder, House Finders, Investment Property Finders, Property Advisory, Property Advisors, Investment Advisors, Property Investment, Buyer Representative, Buying Agent, Advocates, Buyer Broker, Buyers Broker, Property Broker, Buyer Agent, Buyers Agent, Buyer Agents, Buyers Agents, Buyer Agent, Buyers Agent,  Property Acquisition consultant, Auction bidding consultant, Auction Bidders, Property Bidder, Auction Bid Consultant, Property negotiators, Home negotiators, Apartment brokers, Home brokers.

So are any of these definitions of our business any different?  Very little difference exists.  We only really offer two main services:  Our full Buyer Advocate service of the search and acquisition of a property or just the auction bidding leg of the process.

Other than that,  they are all the same.

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