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Buyer Agents and Sellers Agents when it comes to investment

Most people are aware of the two different agents and their functions.

Looking at this from a purely investment mindset, I’d like to go deeper into these two very different roles.

Buyer agents to me are responsible for allocating capital. Even though the client has the end choice as to an acquisition that is made, they are guided by the buyer agent as the end decision.

Buyers Agents, Advocates and Property Advisers are a growing trend in the Australian market. More and more this sector is influencing the market, yet it’s still not quite there yet.

Selling agents are really realising an asset and its value. Their role is to put a property to market and obtain the best outcome for the seller, this is mainly price.

What I’m noticing as more and more people turn to buyer professional services, the highly sought after stock is getting more attraction from this segment. It’s not uncommon to turn up to an auction and have a number of different buyer agents at the same auction.

So does this wok on the reverse? I think so. As values are so much higher today, so much more is at stake. As people turn more and more to adviser services we will see less people hopefully making bad decisions.

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