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Buyers Agents Melbourne – Buyers Advocates – Selling Agents – What’s the difference?

Buyer Agent and Buyer Advocate are used interchangeably.  We see ourselves as a Buyers Advocate or Buyers Agent where someone down the road offering seemingly the same service sees themselves and refers to themselves as a property finder.  So what is the difference?

The difference to me is one of perception.  Real Estate Selling Agents represent sellers whilst Buyer’s Agents, or Buyer’s Advocates represent Buyers.   To us the term Buyer’s Advocate better captures the passion we have for what we do, and in part explains why we seek to represent buyers as opposed to sellers.

We are qualified real estate agents … so we could quite easily be out there selling property.  It’s a much easier job than that of a Buyers Agent. You represent the seller,  and usually they have three priorities, namely:

a.     Sell my property for as much as possible.

b.     Sell it is as quickly as possible

c.     Do this, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

Armed with this agenda a real estate selling agent’s role is very clear.  Portray their client’s property as best as possible, draw attention to the positives of a property and gloss over any shortcomings a property may have.  You’d be hard pressed to hear a real estate agent tell a potential client:-

“Look, just down the road is a halfway house for recovering drug addicts, your offer should take this into consideration.” or-

“The owner is trying to sell quickly because he knows the roof needs replacing soon.”

“Oh… you’ve got kids right?  Well, its 8 kms to the nearest school and there is no public transport…. Let’s look at something else.”

None of this information is likely to endear you to a property and convince you to buy it … but you aren’t THEIR client!  The seller is.   A real estate agent will only offer you properties they have for sale, and it’s unlikely they’ll have exactly what you are looking for and they certainly won’t recommend you go down the road to see another agent who might have something more suitable.

We are not so limited.  Every property for sale, even properties only just coming onto the market are ours to find for a buyer.  We can work with the most detailed of brief’s eg:-

“We want to buy within 10klms of the city, we are looking to renovate and live in the property and need a garage and a car space”

We can seek out such a property,   get some ballpark figures on renovation costs,  compare sales of similarly priced renovated properties’ to make sure you don’t over capitalise.   You don’t want to spend $150,000 on a renovation that only increases your house value by $100,000.  We can negotiate firmly on your behalf to get the best price.   Because we’re not personally attached to the property, we will never waiver from our goal of getting you the best deal.  We can represent you at an auction and ensure you don’t overbid, and if the property is passed in … negotiate to try and buy the property on your terms.

So you see …

Buyers Agents – Buyers Advocates – Real Estate Selling Agents?   Many people in the real estate industry see them as one and the same. We  believe the difference is too great to use in the same breath.

At Secret Agent, we are your advocates.  Your real estate partner.  Your local buyer agent.

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