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Melbourne is still a small town – When I come face to face with the people I bid against

It happens more than you might think. I can’t really explain it either yet on numerous occasions I bump into a property buyers that I may have bid against on the weekend. It happened again on Sunday.

We were up against one aggressive bidder at an auction on Saturday and were both involved from start to finish for a terrific piece of Real Estate.

Turns out we both got pipped at the line. The lady who was successful looked like she was also just about to withdraw, unfortunately for us we had no more firepower to play with.

Picking up some produce on Sunday morning at the Victorian market,  I made my order from a gentleman who looked familiar at one of the stalls. Instantly we both smiled and laughed at the coincidence.  We both had been locked in combat just the previous day

Turns out he is quite an astute investor and we’ve been looking at similar property. He was disappointed to know that we’d also purchased an apartment that he was also pursuing in a private sale situation some weeks prior for an investor client of ours.

These situations tend to happen to me quite a bit.  We might just see each other next Saturday for another auction, and it certainly won’t stop me from shopping at his stall on Sunday.

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