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As a prospective purchaser of property, you are confronted with a never ending range of choice with regard to where you might live, what you might invest in, how to confront negotiations, where to turn to for advice, etc… Mistakes made today, will be felt more deeply than those of a decade ago. Accelerating markets disguise errors in decisions; however the short term ahead may not be so kind. These are life changing decisions. It is said that the silence between the notes of a Mozart symphony are just as important as the notes themselves. That emptiness, helps define the meaning of the notes heard. It’s about what we eliminate from a property search – what we cut away from the selection process – that is just as important as the final selection itself. Secret Agent is a company which seeks to provide wisdom to the property consumer. To filter the good property from bad, extract meaning from data & information, select on value over price, and facilitate better decision making on what may be your biggest financial decision yet.



Paul Osborne

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Shelter, habitat and environment aren’t words that are heard very often in real estate. Paul looks at this industry from a human view point, and has founded Secret Agent with these concepts at it’s centre.

“The personification of ‘thinking deeply and speaking clearly,’ Paul decodes the industry for anyone who will listen, drawing from his 12 years experience and active market knowledge.

He has a diverse bookshelf (slash ‘kindle shelf!’) filled with gems from the worlds great thinkers and doers, and always has a new story, idea or concept to share. With a passion for thinking differently and trying new methods, Paul ensures Secret Agent operates amongst the avant guard.

Paul has a love of good food, for keeping fit and healthy, and anything that has been done well!” -The Team

Jodie Walker

Jodie works across research and management within Secret Agent. She has completed a Bachelor of Science/Art at Melbourne University majoring in Biochemistry, Pathology as well as Japanese.

“Good health! Jodie is fascinated by looking after oneself and creating the right environments in which to do so. An ability for deep thinking on complex tasks are a hallmark of how Jodie operates.

Problem solving is carried out in a methodical, structured way which is of enormous benefit to Secret Agent. Jodie has great interest in Nutrition, Exercise, Art and all things Japan. She also has a peculiar fascination with weight lifting!” -Paul

Ken Premtic

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Ken Premtic works on acquisitions at Secret Agent. He majored in Property at the University of Melbourne.
“Ken has a dynamic range of skills, and examines property from both a feasibility and intuitive point of view – a rare capability. He has the perfect eye for location, whether it be for a home, investment, or prospective development.
A strong interest of Ken’s is Melbourne’s urban landscape; he has a passion for design and helping shape Melbourne’s future skyline with well thought out development.” -Paul

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