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The Secret Agent Report – Shrinking Cities

We have just released our latest Secret Agent report!

Urbanisation has been an ongoing trend over the past few decades. It has had a huge impact on shaping our cities into what they are today. It has also influenced property prices.

Urbanisation is fuelled by population growth. This is often a result of people seeking job opportunities or education in cities and obviously happens at different rates depending on which particular city you’re talking about.

What is becoming apparent from population measurements and predictions, is that a reversal of urbanisation is taking place in some cases. Just as there are positive feedback loops which propel the growth of a city forward, the opposite is also true.

With limited land available, as well as congested infrastructure and roads, it’s plausible that there is an upper limit on how urbanised an area can become. What happens once this limit is reached is not known for sure. There are indications that it can result in the opposite of urbanisation which is de-urbanisation. The world’s biggest cities need to prepare to manage this carefully in order to continue to thrive.

In this report, Secret Agent will discuss the potential impact of de-urbanisation and shrinking cities.

Access the Shrinking Cities report now!


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