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The Secret Agent Report - Shifting Preferences

May/June 2019

Shifting Preferences

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In this report, Secret Agent discusses potential changes in property preferences resulting from the time we’ve had to spend in quarantine due to COVID-19.

The Secret Agent Report - Rent Shock

April 2020

Rent Shock

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In this report, Secret Agent examines the impact of COVID-19 on commercial property. Will the current impact on commercial leases survive the downturn, or will the current social distancing methods cause deep problems for commercial property that could threaten the wider economy? We do our best to examine the issues at hand and what can be expected to follow as we approach “the other side” of the virus impacts.

The Secret Agent Report - Coronavirus

March 2020


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In this report, Secret Agent will consider some of the downstream effects of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The Secret Agent Report - Cool Homes

February 2020

Cool Homes

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In this report, Secret Agent will look into the problems around air conditioning from an environmental, societal and behavioural perspective. We will also bring to light a variety of other cooling methods that should be considered as an alternative to air conditioning usage. 

The Secret Agent Report - Water Views

December 2019

Water Views

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The benefit of being able to see or enjoy the water from where we live is widely acknowledged as highly desirable and it would be easy, even logical, to assume that water-side homes and apartments are considered more valuable than those that aren’t accompanied by such a significant natural advantage.

In this report, Secret Agent will discuss water and the value it can add to property.