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The Secret Agent Report - House Sizes and Efficiency

September 2018

House Sizes and Efficiency

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In this report, Secret Agent looks at the problems with large standalone dwellings in terms of sustainability, and discusses why smaller is the way of the future in the housing world.

The Secret Agent Report - To Connect or Disconnect?

August 2018

To Connect or Disconnect?

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In this report, Secret Agent discusses the implications of connectedness in designing spaces. Is there such thing as being too connected?

The Secret Agent Report - State of Apartments

July 2018

State of Apartments

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In this report, Secret Agent takes a look at the state of the apartment market in Melbourne and Australia in general.

The Secret Agent Report - Generation Z

Jun 2018

The Secret Agent Report - Unique Subdivisions

May 2018

Unique Subdivisions

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In this report, Secret Agent wanted to investigate whether different shaped subdivisions have an impact on the sale price of a property.