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The Secret Agent Report - Downsizing: The Inner City

August 2017

Downsizing: The Inner City

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In this report, Secret Agent revisits the subject of downsizing, with a focus on those moving from the outer suburbs to the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. 

The Secret Agent Report - Perceptions of Interiors

July 2017

Perceptions of Interiors

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This month, Secret Agent discusses how we perceive different kinds of room interiors. Our perceptions have potentially significant implications that should be considered by both buyers and vendors in property transactions.

The Secret Agent Report - Rent: Apartments

June 2017

Rent: Apartments

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This month, Secret Agent turns our attention to the rental yields of inner Melbourne apartments, summarising the performance of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments over the last 5 years.

The Secret Agent Report - Rent

May 2017


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This month, Secret Agent finds out how much inner Melbourne’s rental yields have decreased over the last 5 years by comparing changes in weekly rents and sale prices for houses.

The Secret Agent Report - Capital Growth Update

April 2017

Capital Growth Update

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This month, Secret Agent analyses the updated capital growth index for the first quarter of 2017. Houses and townhouses continue to grow in value at a steady pace, while apartments have seen the lowest annualised returns since 2007.