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The Secret Agent Report - Elevation

December 2017


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Something often overlooked when it comes to property prices is the positioning of a house within a suburb. Many of Melbourne’s suburbs have one part that is elevated on a hill and a portion that is on flat land. If everything else was the same, would the house on the higher ground have a higher value?

The Secret Agent Report - The Chinese Effect

November 2017

The Chinese Effect

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This month, Secret Agent thought it would be interesting to consider foreign ownership in Australia, particularly by migrant and second generation Chinese.

The Secret Agent Report - Artificial Intelligence in Property

October 2017

Artificial Intelligence in Property

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This month, Secret Agent takes a closer look at artificial intelligence, with a
focus on property prices in Melbourne. By examining regression and classification methods, we use machine learning to discover trends and patterns in data.

The Secret Agent Report - Co-Living

September 2017


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In this report, Secret Agent takes a closer look at the co-living spaces that are emerging across the world. While this trend is something we have seen before, it has re-emerged in a modern form and is changing the way people think about living – and working.

The Secret Agent Report - Downsizing: The Inner City

August 2017

Downsizing: The Inner City

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In this report, Secret Agent revisits the subject of downsizing, with a focus on those moving from the outer suburbs to the inner city suburbs of Melbourne.